Family & De Facto Law

Jones Leach Lawyers provides very expert and detailed service in Family & De Facto Law. Please click on one of the sections below to find more specific information.

Married & De Facto Property Settlement
Adjustment of property interests, including superannuation.

Separation and Divorce, such as:

  • Property settlement
  • Custody of children
  • Joint bank accounts
  • Mortgages
  • Adjustments to wills
  • Spousal Maintenance (financial support that one spouse provides for another after separation or divorce).

Child-Related Matters, such as:

  • Living arrangements
  • Arrangements for time with the non-resident parents
  • Arrangements for time with others including grandparents
  • Relocation
  • Child support.

Domestic Violence, such as:

  • Sexual assault
  • Emotional and psychological abuse
  • Economic abuse
  • Cyber-related abuse
  • Threatening or coercive behaviour.

We also have expertise in cases related to Disputes Involving Third Parties.

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