It is an unfortunate truth that domestic violence can happen to anyone. If you feel that you have suffered a form of domestic violence, Jones Leach Lawyers can help you respond appropriately and protect your wellbeing.

As the 21st century moves forward, more and more forms of domestic violence arise. These include:

  • Physical abuse and coercion;
  • Emotional and psychological abuse (for example, withholding a person’s medication, stalking via social media or SMS, threatening to disclose one’s sexual orientation without consent, waiting outside someone’s workplace, unconsented tracking of someone’s movements, etc.);
  • Sexual assault;
  • Economic abuse (for example, withholding money from someone, abusing access to someone else’s bank accounts, etc.); and
  • Other forms of threatening and/or coercive behaviour.

If you feel immediately in danger as a result of domestic violence, please call 000.

In Queensland, the most common means of precluding domestic violence is a permanent or temporary civil Court order that imposes conditions that protect one from future violence.

Jones Leach Lawyers can help you move forward from this vulnerable period in your life. Call today or book your consultation online.

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