Jones Leach Lawyers is here to guide you through Queensland’s particular laws on your rights to compensation and how any claim is to be made.

In Queensland, generally insurance companies meet legitimate claims and are funded through the insurance component of your annual motor vehicle registration renewal. Although it may be tempting to assess the value of and manage your own claim, insurers are vastly more experienced and have the benefit of legal advice as necessary to assess and value the worth of your claim. Insurers are not required to disclose this information to you.

The insurer or their agent or lawyer cannot give you legal advice. It is important to remember that the insurer’s aim is to minimise any payout. The insurer is not an independent body and is not obliged to consider your interests or to make a fair settlement. The practical consequence is that you cannot assume an offer of settlement made to you is fair. Luckily, we’re here to ensure that it is.

How can we help?

As you cannot claim twice for one event it is crucial that you properly identify and secure your rights. Our lawyers are here to help you do this. 

In motor vehicle accident claims, we generally offer to carry out the work on a no-win-no-fee basis. Our fees are calculated according to a schedule derived from the Supreme Court scale and are disclosed to you in writing and discussed in as much detail as you require at the time you decide to engage us.

We will not encourage you to put time and effort into a claim we are not confident you will win. It is also important to know of our policy not to accept responsibility for a case until a Costs Agreement is signed and returned to us.

At the successful conclusion of a claim, we arrange for the amount of our fees to be settled independently by a Court-approved Costs Assessor. The assessment must comply with the Costs Agreement and must be able to withstand the scrutiny of the Legal Services Commission.

These comments are made for information purposes and are not intended to be relied upon by any person who does not engage us. If you have any doubt about your legal rights, you should consult our law practice.

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