It is commonplace for people to avoid making a Will for a variety of reasons, only one of which is that it is a confrontation with mortality. Like many such things, once confronted, making a Will is often straightforward and trouble-free exercise. Jones Leach Lawyers can help you find peace of mind and save those who survive you a substantial amount of work and expense.

Having a valid Will serves two main functions:
1.    It appoints one or more people (the executors) whose task it is to wrap up your affairs after you die; and
2.    It directs the executors as to who you would like to receive the benefit of your estate.

Having a Will is essential. Failure to have a current valid Will can lead to difficulties for those left behind. There may be a requirement for a relative to apply to the Court for appointment as your administrator at substantial cost. Without a Will, your estate will be distributed according to the Intestacy Rules which are rules legislated by government, which may or may not reflect your wishes.

How can we help?

At Jones Leach Lawyers we can advise you on the Will-making process and offer guidance regarding the structure of your testamentary arrangements. Like most things, a Will can be complicated or simple. By way of example, a complicated Will can be made to be tax-effective, to quarantine assets from the bankruptcy trustee or even to leapfrog a generation. On the other hand a simple Will can accomplish the two main functions referred to above without fanfare.

We offer fixed fees standard-type Wills. More complicated arrangements result in additional fees; however, these will be discussed with you at the time and are subject to your agreement.

We’re here to guide and ease you through this process. Don’t wait – give us a call today, or book your consultation online.

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